The Best Memes & Reactions To Halsey's 'You Should Be Sad' Music Video

10 January 2020, 16:08 | Updated: 17 January 2020, 08:30

Halsey reactions and memes to 'You Should Be Sad'
Halsey reactions and memes to 'You Should Be Sad'. Picture: Halsey/YouTube

Halsey's 'You Should Be Sad' has left the internet flooded with funny memes and reactions all about the new music video.

Halsey's new single 'You Should Be Sad' has become one of the biggest talking points of the year so far after the 'Nightmare' singer dropped one of the hottest videos we've all seen in a long time.

The video draws on iconic music videos and influences from the past... most specifically Shania Twain's classic 'That Don't Impress Me Much".

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Halsey in her new music video for 'You Should Be Sad'
Halsey in her new music video for 'You Should Be Sad'. Picture: YouTube/Halsey

The single comes from Halsey new album 'Manic' which also features songs 'Graveyard' and 'You And I'.

The reactions have been just as iconic as the video itself...

Halsey's choreo left this fan's jaw dragging on the ground.

This fan couldn't ever imagine a world in which Halsey gets cheated on.

The endless references to other iconic females was unmissable.

Halsey proved she can sing songs from basically any genre.

The difference between the video and the lyrics was a big one.

The obsession with Halsey getting out of cars is real.

Fans couldn't resist shading her ex G-Eazy.

And of course... no country music video is legit without a Hannah Montana reference.

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