Halsey Accused Of Tweeting And Deleting Shade Towards Camila Cabello's Second Album

2 September 2019, 08:26

Halsey apparently tweeted and deleted shade over #CC2
Halsey apparently tweeted and deleted shade over #CC2. Picture: Getty (L); Instagram (R)

Halsey deleted a post where some Camilizers thought the 'Without Me' was shading Camila Cabello's upcoming project, #CC2.

After clarifying that she wasn't ignoring Shawn Mendes' VMAs performance, Halsey has had to take to Twitter to defend herself against those who believe she was shading Camila Cabello.

Camila shared the visuals for her second studio album, and Halsey soon after wrote "ohhhh so it’s just hopeless fountain kingdom but not. okaaay," to her 11.6 million Twitter followers.

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The 'Eastside' singer soon deleted her post, and clarified that she wasn't throwing shade at Camila Cabello, and that she "just posted a 2 year old draft by accident."

Halsey asked for forgiveness, as she's "getting too old for technology".

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The 'Señorita' popstar recently changed all of her profile pictures and header imagery on her social media platforms, and uploaded an image of her new visuals, which shows Camila looking like a Greek goddess.

She also, later, shared a video of her in golden armour, with a key flying into a metallic piece in on her heart, which unlocked to show a whimsical mechanical device.