Resurfaced Video Of Halsey Proves She's A Huge One Direction Stan: "When 'Little Things' Came Out I Cried For 16 Hours”

5 February 2020, 13:10 | Updated: 6 February 2020, 14:16

She is a massive Directioner
She is a massive Directioner. Picture: Getty

Halsey revealed she 'cried' when hearing One Direction's first live performance on YouTube.

Halsey once confessed her undying love for One Direction in a video which has now resurfaced and made its way on to Twitter.

In the clip, she reminisces on the first time she stumbled across Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Niall Horan, admitting she ‘cried’ when she first heard them sing.

Halsey Is The Biggest Harry Styles Stan Ever & Fans Found Photos To Prove It

She said: “I love One Direction, that’s no secret to anybody. I’m not ashamed to admit that, I’ll tell anybody that I love One Direction a lot. I love them as people, I love their music, I love their personalities, I think they’re funny.

“When ‘Little Things’ came out I cried for like 16 hours, and when I first discovered them I saw a bunch of gifs of them sitting on a stair set and I thought they were just a bunch of funny boys on YouTube or something."

“Then I googled them, and I kid you not when I saw videos of their live performances, I cried," she continued, "And I didn’t even know them at this point. I cried and said out loud ‘oh my God they sing too?’. It was the worst moment of my life because now I’m trapped in this eternal fanbase,” so are we, sis!

The ‘You Should Be Sad’ hitmaker’s fans took to the comments to fangirl over Halsey’s love for the ‘History’ stars, with one penning: "I love how Halsey cried for 1D and now we all cry for her. It’s one massive chain reaction.”

“The way she represents all of us [crying emoji],” added another.

This isn’t the first time she has been recognised as a hardcore Directioner as fans have also found old pics of her sporting the boyband's merchandise - mainly Harry’s.

Halsey loves 1D
Halsey loves 1D. Picture: Instagram
She's a Directioner
She's a Directioner. Picture: Twitter

One picture shows Halsey holding a One Direction T-shirt up with Haz’s face on it, whilst another is a mirror snap of her holding up a poster of the ‘Adore You’ hitmaker.

The girl who tweeted it also claims a selfie, which doesn’t show the star’s face, is Halsey wearing a ‘Future Mrs Styles’ t-shirt, and at this point, we have no choice but to Stan!

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