Halsey Admits She Draws Her Fans And Shows Off Incredible Sketch Of A Girl At Her Concert

3 March 2020, 16:23

Halsey’s favourite thing is to do to sketch her fans, and we can’t quite believe how many talents she has.

Halsey revealed on TikTok one of her pastimes is to draw her fans, showing off her sketching skills in the process.

The ‘You Should Be Sad’ hitmaker shared a video of herself sketching out a girl she spotted in the crowd at one of her concerts, recording herself adding some water colour paints after sketching the outline of the girl’s face.

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She captioned it: “Drawing cute girl I saw in the crowd tonight.”

Halsey painted this picture of Yungblud last year
Halsey painted this picture of Yungblud last year. Picture: Halsey/Twitter

When a fan account took to Twitter to share the TikTok, they added: “Halsey: Creepy but my favourite thing to draw is my fans.”

Fans loved the adorable momento, with one person replying: “Aw this is wholesome. I love her.”

“That’s so cute!” One added.

“How in the world does she remember what she looked like?” Questioned another.

Halsey at the AMAs
Halsey is known for her creative skills. Picture: Getty

The 25-year-old has shared her love for art in the past, posting a painting she did of ex-boyfriend Yungblud when they were together last year.

She wrote alongside it: “Started this portrait of @yungblud today cause he has a very cool face. and a very cool new single called “Loner” that came out yesterday. yay @ art that inspires more art.”

The star also shared her top tips, saying she used acrylic on wood when fans replied asking how she created the effect.

Yungblud replied to the painting calling his then-girlfriend, “incredible” adding the picture had him “smiling like a dork.”

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