Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding: "Nadine Coyle And I Were More Vocals Than Dancers"

2 April 2013, 16:44

The 'Call The Shots' star says the other three band members were "more about the dancing".

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding says she and Nadine Coyle were more involved in making decisions about the band's music than some of the other girls.

The 'Something New' singer says because there were five members they each had their own "forte" within the band, suggesting that she and Irish singer Nadine were particularly vocal about the music side of the debate.

"We were more grown up and more opinionated, and when there were discussions to do with work we'd all be sort of strategic," Sarah reveals in the new issue of Look magazine. "Me and Nadine are more music oriented - more vocals - and the other three are more about dancing.

"I'd put my foot down about the music side of things," the 'Call The Shots' singer explained. "Nicola [Roberts] was more about the clothes, choreography is Cheryl [Cole's] forte.

"When there's five of you, it's difficult to have a say in everything," she admitted. "I'm looking forward to having more control."

Check out a picture of Girls Aloud on their 'Ten' tour below (Credit: Getty):

The 'Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me' five-piece announced their permanent break-up last month after ten years together.

The girl band made the announcement after the final show on their 'Ten' reunion tour, with Nadine courting controversy when she tweeted fans to say the split hadn't been her decision.

In the same interview, Sarah also revealed that Cheryl Cole is planning to relocate out to Los Angeles with her boyfriend Tre Holloway.