Girls Aloud - Out Of Control

Like Christmas or your birthday, we've become accustomed to getting a new Girls Aloud album every year.

Unbelievably for a band formed on a reality TV show, this is their fifth studio album, but they're not resting on their laurels. Out Of Control once again pushes the boundaries of what to expect from a pop record.

Despite working exclusively with production supremos, Xenomania once again, it's a surprisingly varied set, encompassing their sixties-influenced No.1 single, The Promise, atmospheric electro on The Loving Kind, Love Is The Key with its bizarre choral intro and the inexplicable decision to mix drum and bass with farm yard noises on Live In The Country.

While it doesn't always work, the latter being a prime example, when they get it right the result is exhilarating. Boasting catchy hooks such as the almost chant-like chorus of We Wanna Party, it looks set to be another massive hit and consolidate their position as the UK's most successful girl group.