Florence Welch Notices Fans Imitating Her Look

3 January 2012, 21:21 | Updated: 3 January 2012, 21:26

The 'Shake It Out' singer says she sees a lot of Florence and the Machine fans dressing and styling themselves like her.

Florence Welch says she finds it strange many of her fans have started to imitate her distinct look and fashion sense.

The Florence and the Machine singer admits it is weirdly flattering that so many fans have started looking up to her since the band emerged in 2009 with debut album 'Lungs'.

"They've given themselves their own name. The Flos!" Florence revealed. "I get messages saying, 'I saw you on the Tube', or in this place and I'm like 'I wasn't there'.

The 'You've Got The Love' singer revealed there are "quite a few doppelgangers" who have started to copy her bright red hair and fashion style.

Florence also told Cover Media she is glad her name is becoming more popular despite disliking it herself as a young girl.

She added: "Well because Florence is an old lady's name it's good to bring it back."

Florence and the Machine will release 'No Light, No Light' as the second single from current album 'Ceremonials' on 16th January.