Fans Are Losing All Chill After Both Little Mix & 5H Confirm They're Ready To Collaborate

The love between these two girlbands is getting bigger & bigger and we're all here for it.

Let’s just take a moment to think about how epic it would be if Fifth Harmony and Little Mix ACTUALLY collaborated.

When asked by the Official Charts Company last year if 5H had seen Little Mix’s now legendary TUNE ‘Shout Out To My Ex’, Ally responded, “Oh, it was fabulous. They sounded fabulous, they were fabulous, they are fabulous”.

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Basically she fangirled like everyone else.

She went on to say that “Little Mix are amazing. We should [collaborate], I’d love that”.

Aaaand now, one whole year on, Little Mix have also re-iterated just how badly they want the two groups to join forces and make all our dreams come true.

When asked by a fan if they would be interested in the collab, the girls were 100% on board, with Jesy saying, "Yes! I think that'd be sick," with Leigh-Anne adding, "We actually really would like to. Girl Power all the way!" 

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Of course, fans have gone into overdrive about the prospect of the two superpowers colliding in an explosion of pure pop.

Seeing as the American stunners love the British babes so much, how do they feel about all the criticism the ladies got over their outfits on the X Factor? “It definitely makes me query as to where we are in the world right now. We definitely do get [criticism] sometimes. I remember when the ‘Work From Home’ video came out and people had a bunch to say. We did also get a lot of support from our amazing fans, but it was kind of outsiders that were the ones criticising us”, Normani explained. 

“We’re women and we want to embrace that, so whatever makes us feel good. We work really hard every single day and we want that to be seen, and we want to be confident. If I want to wear shorts or a crop top, that doesn’t necessarily make me a s**t. It just means I’m confident in my body because I work really hard for it”, she continued.


Preach it, sisters. 

P.S. Let us know a release date for that collaboration, yeah?

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