9 Times Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello Was Just Too Funny For Everyone!

31 July 2015, 06:00 | Updated: 3 August 2015, 10:07

Camila Fifth Harmony Instagram

Pocket rocket Camila Cabella has given us some mega squad goals with these nine insanely funny moments.

From keeping it insanely real on Twitter to crawling around the floors of some rather swanky venues, there are so many reasons we NEED Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello in our squad. Nine and counting to be exact...


1. That time it all got a bit too much for Camila on the beach.

When Camila taught us to all to be careful in the sand.


2. The awkward moment Camila made a girl pregnant with her voice, and we all panicked!

Wowzas! This cover is all kinds of magic.


3. This video where Camila SORT OF showed us how she does her hair... Er, kind of...

And we spent a whole five days whipping our hair around before getting a serious head rush.


4. Finding out a banana is all the entertainment a girl needs.

CLEARLY Camila loves them so much... she even has them on her socks! #NotJudging.



5. And we all know, add a beat and she'll dance for hours (or at least until her hair needs zhooshing).

OK, we need to party with Camila.


6. Girls and boys everywhere face palming over these sexy moves!

GIIIIIIRRRRL! No wonder Camila has managed to rank in our top ten sexiest poll.


7. When Camila crawled on the floor and just didn't get up.

Knowing that although she CAN walk, she doesn't HAVE to...


8. #TruthBombs are kinda her thing!

So, darn, real.


9. The time Camila made THIS emoji face on the red carpet of our #CapitalSTB

Camila, you jokester.

Camila you are an angel.

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