Example Praises The Queen And James Bond London 2012 Opening Ceremony Skit - Audio

31 July 2012, 06:52 | Updated: 31 July 2012, 06:59

The 'Kickstars' rapper tells Capital that it's good to see the Royal not taking herself too seriously.

Example has admitted that he was blown away by The Queen and James Bond's part in the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony.

The Royal family member and 007 were involved in one of the stand out moments of last Friday (27th July) night's event and the 'Changed The Way You Kissed Me' star told Capital FM that he was sure an actress was going to be used.

"I was watching the James Bond thing and I was thinking no way are they going to actually have the Queen in this," he confessed. "She's never done anything like that as far as I'm concerned.

"I was like, it's got to be an actress or it's going to be Kathy Burke dressed up as The Queen or something and it was actually her."

He continued: "I was like fair play to the Queen [she] doesn't take herself too seriously."

Actor Daniel Craig and The Queen were also involved in a scene which indicated the pair parachuted into the Olympic stadium.

The whole opening ceremony was orchestrated by Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle and also featured Mr. Bean and David Beckham arriving to the stadium with the Olympic Torch on a speedboat.

You can listen to Example speaking to Capital about the Queen and James Bond in the London Olympics opening ceremony below:

Example chats about The Queen and James Bond at London 2012

Meanwhile, Example unveiled his new song 'Say Nothing' on Capital yesterday morning (30th July).

The track is the lead single from his as-yet-untitled fourth studio album.