Example: "I Was Bullied For The Size Of My Teeth"

5 January 2012, 14:19 | Updated: 5 January 2012, 14:25

The 'Stay Awake' rapper admits he used to get teased in school.

Example has revealed that he used to be tormented by bullies at school who made fun of the size of his teeth.

The 'Unorthodox' rapper made the confession to the Daily Star and revealed some of the names he would be called.

"When I was at school my teeth were the same size as they are now but my head was a lot smaller. I used to get called a whole range of things from Bucky O’Hare to Goofy," he admitted.

Meanwhile, the rapper recently confessed that he believes women find the same value in a poem as they do in an expensive handbag, and will often write one in a bid to impress the opposite sex.