Example brands Ke$ha an 'idiot'

Example has lashed out at Ke$ha branding her an 'idiot' in an online interview.

The rapper posted footage of a recent interview in Australia on his Twitter page.

'Hopefully Ke$ha never tries to cover one of my songs because she's an idiot,' he said.

'It wouldn't be so bad if she said, 'Look I'm a singer,' but the fact that she claims to be some kind of rebel, she's not rebelling against anything. She's rebelling against sanity.'

Watch footage of the interview below, in which he also reveals an incident where she apparently turned up at a party with friends who turned out to be hired models.

'She came to a party in the UK and didn't have any friends to go with,' he added. 'She's meant to look like this crazy person who is partying so they paid loads of models to be her friends.'

'It's like [1998 Jim Carrey movie] 'The Truman Show',' he continued. 'But you've got this scraggy haired cow who can't really sing.'