WATCH: Ella Eyre And Sigala Cringe Like Hell At Their Old Tweets About Nakedness And Chicken. Obvs.

23 June 2017, 08:18

We don't even know why you'd post Tweet number four?! LOL.

If you're ever bored - presumably at work, 'cause who isn't? - check out your first ever Tweet. It's probably something like "LOL. OMG. Wot iz TwitteR? #HelpMePLZ. hehe". Yeah. That's cringey, isn't it?

So that's why, when the 'Came Here For Love' duo came by to #CapitalBreakfastWithRomanKemp, we thought we'd try out hardest to humiliate them by making them remember their old, dodgy Tweets. We're such cuties.

> Sigala Brought ALL The Noise & Special Guests For His Glorious #CapitalSTB Set

Sigala and Ella Eyre with Roman Kemp

We gave Ella and Sigala a set of their old Tweets, and gave them the task of working out exactly who posted them all of those years ago. We're not talking about stuff like "Hey, my name's Ella and I sing songs". We're talking about "So a naked man just rocked up on Platform 2. I’d like to point out the obvious and say it’s RAINING?!"

You can expect posts about Sigala being naked and not knowing what to do with his phone, and - in the words of Ella Eyre - who actually uses the hashtag #BIRTHDAY? It's a good thing he makes good music, isn't it?

And don't even get us started on Ella's love for chicken. So. Many. Tweets. About. Chicken.

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Just as a little reward for them (and for us) let's all lose it to the live debut of 'Came Here For Love' at the #CapitalSTB, shall we?