Ed Sheeran Reveals His Worst Ever Fan Gift & You Will Literally Throw Up In Your Mouth

25 September 2017, 12:06 | Updated: 25 September 2017, 14:46

Ed Sheeran

This is more vile than you can imagine.

It takes a lot to make us want to physically be sick in our own mouths but this story ticks that box… Ed Sheeran has revealed the worst gift he ever got from a fan and it’s SO much more disgusting than you’d imagine.

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Now most people would probably not trust cakes and other baked goods sent to them by literal strangers, but Ed revealed that he used to eat all the cakes fans made for him… until he made a revolting discovery in one of them.

Ed revealed on the Jonathan Ross Show, “I get some really cool things from fans. Like a fan knitted me a doll that was like a perfect thing. It even had like the tattoos and the necklace and everything.

"Occasionally you the weird things. I got baked a lot of cakes and at the beginning of my career I ate the cakes, you do, if you're given cakes, you eat the cakes.

“Well, I bite into this cake to eat it and as I pulled it out, it was just this big clump of hair. I was kind of like, it's a mistake if there is one hair or two hairs, but when it's a clump of hair...

"I have a feeling that this girl kind of wanted me to eat the cake so next time she saw me she could be like, 'I'm inside you'."

Well, we’re never eating again after that. BRB, just off to literally throw up. 

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