Ed Sheeran Says New Album Won't Have A Taylor Swift Collaboration

17 July 2013, 09:17

The 'Drunk' singer says the two are too busy relaxing during their time off to focus on writing a hit.

Ed Sheeran says his new album will not feature a collaboration with Taylor Swift despite the pair's recent hit single.

The 'Lego House' singer says although the pair are out on Taylor's 'Red' tour across North America together, they just want to enjoy the rare bits of downtime they have rather than forcing out another song.

"There's been no talks with Taylor about writing tunes, because when we both have time off we just want to have time off," Ed revealed to MTV News this week. "And she's got a beautiful new house, which is always fun to hang out in.

"I don't want to pick up a guitar and be like, 'Hey, let's write another hit song!'" Ed explained. "I just want to chill. She's got a pool table, I quite like that."

The two recently scored a big hit with Taylor's latest single 'Everything Has Changed', while Ed has previously revealed that he has several unheard duets with the US star just sitting on his computer.

Check out a picture of Ed Sheeran at the MuchMusic Video Awards 2013 earlier this year below (Credit: Getty):

The 'A Team' star also promised he won't be adopting a drastic change of direction on his new album and has no intention of taking his music into the clubs.

"I don't think anyone wants to dance to the sort of words I have to sing," he added. 'They just want to cry and eat ice cream."

Ed Sheeran has promised to release his new album around January or February 2014.