Ed Sheeran Reveals Grammy Awards 2013 Duet Was Elton John's Idea

31 January 2013, 10:47

The 'A Team' star also says he has been in close contact with the singer for around three years.

Ed Sheeran has revealed it was Elton John's idea for the two to perform at duet at the Grammy Awards 2013.

The 'Lego House' singer announced last week that he and the 'Your Song' singer will perform one of his songs at the prestigious awards show next weekend, and says the two have been good friends for some time now.

"He put it together. He rung me up one day and said, 'How would you feel about performing with me at the Grammys?' Ed revealed to MTV News. "I was like, 'I'll check my schedule!'.

"He's been in touch for the past kind of three years, but has mostly become very prominent when we started to break the States, 'cos he knows the States like the back of the hand."

Check out a picture of Ed Sheeran at the Ivor Novello Awards last year below:

The 'Small Bump' singer, who is up for Song Of The Year at this year's awards show, admits he is nervous about performing in front of so many unknown faces.

"The thing is, when I've done it in England, they are my peers. I know them," Ed explained. "But I'm performing in front of people that have never even heard of me, so I've got to really make an impression. It's going to be fun."

Ed Sheeran joins a host of other performer including Rihanna and Taylor Swift at the Grammy Awards 2013 on 10th February.