Ed Sheeran’s A Busy Boy! He’s Working With One Direction, Demi Lovato, Rixton And MORE!

23 June 2014, 10:56

Ed Sheeran live at the Summertime Ball 2014

Our favourite red-headed lovely is the busiest man in pop – as well as writing his own music, he’s been penning hits for some of the world’s hottest pop acts too...

When does Ed Sheeran find time to sleep?! Most artists find creating their own albums grueling enough, but Ed has been racking up an impressive list of other acts he has been writing for too.

As well as DOMINATING the charts – Ed currently has a whopping EIGHT singles in the top 20 on the iTunes singles chart – he has been in the studio with Usher and writing for Demi Lovato.

Ed told Digital Spy, “I know I said I wouldn't do any more writing for other people, but I just fell into a few sessions over the past couple of months. I did a tune with Jessie Ware, one with Usher and Skrillex, one for Hilary Duff and one for Rixton. I've got those four cuts coming this year, so I thought I just want to have more coming! Demi expressed interest a year ago and I just followed it up."

Ed Sheeran put on an amazing show at the Summertime Ball. 

As well as that massive roster of artists, Ed is about to work with the world’s biggest boyband, One Direction, once again – and he has been having meetings with Simon Cowell to get the wheels in motion.

Ed said, “I got called into Simon Cowell's room at Britain's Got Talent. There was some sort of political thing on the last record as to why I didn't get asked and he was explaining that. He basically just said, 'We need some songs', so I'm seeing him next week."

And is SiCo as scary as he appears on TV? Ed doesn’t think so. He explained, “He's such a nice guy though, man. I expected him to be this towering presence of fear, but he was really friendly. What I like about him is that he is very business savvy. He's straight to the point. There's no beating around the bush. I don't like it when people beat around the bush." 

With all this to look forward to, we can see Ed continuing to rule the charts for some time to come –he’s also been working with the most sought after producers, including Benny Blanco and Rick Rubin. Ed said, “It was a weird thing because I wasn't intending for any of that to happen. Rick Rubin came to a show, we hung out, ended up in the studio and then did a lot of work together.”

“It was literally a very random meeting - I went around for a cup of tea after the show! Pharrell had tweeted about 'The A Team' and sat behind me at the Grammys, so we started chatting then. I guess me working with all these producers is... I had so many doors opened for me after the last album that I took all the opportunities that came in."

Ed Sheeran's new album 'x' will be released in the UK on June 23.