WATCH: 7 Reasons Why We'll Never Stop Loving The Beauty That Is Ed Sheeran

17 February 2016, 16:12

As the 'X' star turns 25, it's time to take a a look back at just exactly why we can't get enough of the 'X' star!

It's testament to Ed that you'd be rare to find anyone that actually dislikes him or his music. 

And that's because he's got that 'guy next door' attitude, yet filled with this incredible raw talent that simply makes him one of the best musicians around today. 

Whether he's hanging out with his best mate Taylor Swift or surprising a fan at the shopping mall, you get such a consistency with Ed that you probably don't get with any other popstar tbh. He's never not himself and that's why we just wanna be his mate...if someone could arrange this that'd be great. 

Ed recently posted a message on his Instagram account that he was 'taking a break from his phone, social-media and emails for a while.' Well roll on the Autumn that's what we say! And the sooner the damn-right better, it's only been 9 weeks and yet it feels like a blimmin' eternity. 

We need new music and we need it now.