Ed Sheeran Donates £170,000 To His Old School

19 May 2020, 16:06

Ed Sheeran has donated a huge sum to his old school.
Ed Sheeran has donated a huge sum to his old school. Picture: PA images

Ed Sheeran has donated £170,000 to his old school.

Ed Sheeran has proved he’s the nicest guy in pop once again by donating a huge cash sum to his old school.

The singer pledged £170,000 to Thomas Mills School in Framingham, Suffolk, to help buy key equipment, such as MacBooks and cameras, for students.

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The donation was made over a two-year period via the Ed Sheeran Suffolk Music Foundation.

A report published by the charity said: “Following grants to Thomas Mills School, this has enabled them to successfully upgrade their Art, IT and Music rooms for students to improve their educational performance.

“Soundproofing, a new photography studio and several high-end composition and recording software programs have been purchased and installed.”

The Director of Music at the school, Richard Hanley, said the pupils and staff are ‘fortunate’ to have somebody who ‘appreciates the value of the arts in education’ helping them out.

He said: “Pupils and staff at this school are fortunate to have a benefactor who knows and appreciates the value of the arts in education, how important they are and how they can indeed change lives.”

Ed Sheeran made headlines last month when it was revealed he had donated over £1million to charities in his hometown to help those who hd been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

According to reports, the cash went towards several good causes, including including a children’s hospital ward.

A source said: “It is a horrible time and Ed wants to do what he can to help. “He has split a seven-figure sum between local charities to try to ease the strain on his local community.

“Ed is very involved in the area and knows that his donations will make a massive difference.”

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