Duffy: I almost quit

Jingle Bell Ball star Duffy's revealed she almost quit the music scene after her first album.

The Welsh singer-songwriter became a massive star in 2008 with her debut album selling 6.5 million copies around the world and helping her to win a Grammy and four Brit awards.

So what was the problem? It was all to do with promoting the album

She said: "I thought about walking away, I really did. Not because I thought I'd done it. It's just that I missed the simple things in life. Life had got so complicated.

"I forgot for a while what my job was, what my role was. I'm not a model. I'm not a celebrity. So who am I? It all gets so complicated. Holding onto your integrity is really difficult."

The singer who is now back with the track, "Well, Well, Well" revealed she spent so much time travelling to promote the album that she once forgot what country she was in.

She told Walesonline.co.uk: "One incident that has stayed with me is trying to speak Spanish on a French TV show. That was embarrassing as I didn't know I was in France. At the end of touring 'Rockferry' I needed to be reminded of what I was here to do."

Instead of quitting, Duffy has put together a second album, 'Endlessly', working with Albert Hammond, the British singer-songwriter and father of Strokes member Albert Hammond Jr.

Duffy's second album 'Endlessly' will be released on November 29.

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