Dua Lipa Has Some BRAND NEW Rules... And Yes, They're All About Chocolate And Christmas

30 November 2017, 08:21

Dua Lipa's Christmas New Rules Asset

She's got new rules, she count 'em.

We love Dua Lipa's 'New Rules'. We love Christmas. So there's never been more of a fangirling moment than when we saw Dua Lipa tweeting about Christmas.

One bloke, who goes by the name of an uncapitalised 'joe', questioned whether or not the #CapitalJBB star had any rules for surviving Christmas, following her stellar advice on getting over a breakup.

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Dua Lipa with Roman Kemp

Dua spotted this post, and took it upon herself to create some new rules - no, we won't call them rules; we'll call them commandments.

She wrote:

"1. Throw away your calendar

2. Break up with him so it’s one less gift

3. Marry the grinch"

Not only do we have some pretty solid advice, but now we're feeling an iconic festive re-release of the song. Just sayin', Dua.

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