Dua Lipa’s ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ Is Being Hailed As A 'Feminist Anthem'

30 March 2020, 15:39 | Updated: 30 March 2020, 15:42

'Boys Will Be Boys' is the last track on 'Future Nostalgia'.
'Boys Will Be Boys' is the last track on 'Future Nostalgia'. Picture: Instagram

Dua Lipa’s ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ song has been hailed as a ‘feminist anthem’.

Dua Lipa’s second studio album ‘Future Nostalgia’ has finally dropped and it’s being labelled the best album of 2020.

The 11-track record is jam packed with disco-inspired, dance-pop bangers which has become the (unofficial) soundtrack to the UK’s lockdown.

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However, it’s the last track that has got everybody talking.

‘Boys Will Be Boys’ makes a powerful statement about women’s experiences of toxic male behaviour in society, and it’s being hailed as a ‘feminist anthem’ on social media.

The song includes lyrics, such as ‘It's second nature to walk home before the sun goes down / And put your keys between your knuckles when there's boys around’ - which will ring true for many females.

Dua also jokes about mansplaining and suggests anybody who is ‘offended by this song’ is ‘clearly doing something wrong’.

Fans have praised the ‘Physical’ star for ‘going off’ and speaking ‘the truth’.

One wrote on Twitter: “@DUALIPA this song is a masterpiece. It’s crazy how a lot of women have the same experience of holding their keys has weapon just in case we have one of the those run ins. It’s sad and this song is a perfect call out to society to stop thinking this is normal.”

Another added: “I think 'Boys Will Be Boys' by Dua Lipa should be compulsory listening for every single person on this planet.”

Opening up about the inspiration behind the track, Dua recently told Vogue Australia: “For me, that was walking home from school and putting keys through my knuckles … So much of the human experience for women revolves around men; how they make us feel, whether that is good or bad … Girls have to go through so much.

“You cover up yourself to avoid confrontation from men, avoid sexual harassment, people throwing words or catcalling.

"We change our ways to fit somebody else’s lifestyle. It’s really sad.”

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