DJ Fresh: "I Hope I Can Inspire New Artists"

28 February 2012, 18:59

The 'Hot Right Now' producer says he wants his journey and experience to be looked upon by the latest talents in the industry.

DJ Fresh has confessed that his experience and longevity in the music business will hopefully help to inspire up and coming new artists.

The 'Louder' star told the Daily Star that a long career in dance music is possible.

He said: "I've been doing this for quite a long time so hope it's an inspiration to people around me, and people coming up. They can see that you can have a long career in dance music."

He admitted that it is very easy for artists to come to light very quickly and just as easily disappear.

"It’s not something where you just have to blow up for a year and then disappear, which is what happens to a lot of people," he added.

Speaking on his own success and criticisms he believes if any one was going to say they had a problem with his style then it would have been many years ago.

He confessed: "I've always been on the more anthemic side of drum n bass, although when I first started everything that I made was very raw and heavy and underground. If all of the super-critical underground heads were going to have a problem with me that would have happened five years ago now.

"Now I’ve got the opportunity to reach out to the people who really love what I love doing. Some people such as Goldie, Grooverider and Andy C have all been really supportive."

His latest single 'Hot Right Now' is currently riding high on the Vodafone Big Top 40 Chart, and he recently revealed the track was originally intended for Jessie J.

DJ Fresh's third studio album is expected for release sometime in 2012.

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