Craig David Has Given This Bride-To-Be The Best Gift Ever After She Tweeted Him For 480 Days In A Row

16 October 2017, 16:59

Craig David Wedding Singer

She'll be happy for more than 7 days after this!

We all know that Craig David is one of the nicest guys in the whole music industry - it's a fact.

To prove that fact, Craig has decided to give one bride-to-be/Craig David superfan a wedding day that she'll never forget by performing for her on her big day.

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Whilst loads of us would love to have our favourite music stars perform at our wedding/birthday/any time tbh, we're not all that lucky. So how did Sophie Mac manage to get it sorted?

Turns out she decided to tweet Craig every single day for 480 days in a row to see if that would entice the 'Heartline' singer to join her at her wedding reception.

So when Craig popped into Australian station hit105 for an interview, the presenters tracked down Sophie and managed to get her on the phone whilst CD was in the studio.

After telling the UK music legend that the person they had on the phone was "...a massive Craig David fan and I believe they've probably been, I'll say, kindly harassing you on Twitter," Craig instantly knew it was Sophie.

Being the lovely guy that he is, Craig responded saying, "That would be Sophie, no? Oh wicked, put me through" and so the pair had their first ever actual chat!

Turns out that Craig had already planned to pop down to perform a surprise set for Sophie and had already spoken to her wedding planner and he revealed, "I've been trying to keep it a lovely secret... but I will come through and do a little something for you on your wedding day."

Needless to say Sophie was more than excited  and shocked by Craig's announcement and now she's gonna be looking forward to the big day even more than she already was!

She's also gonna finish the job she started too...

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Whilst you're here, check out Craig performing a freestyle over some of 2017's biggest hits...