Conor Maynard Explains Why He Didn't Shoot 'Vegas Girl' Video In Las Vegas – Audio

2 July 2012, 06:37 | Updated: 2 July 2012, 08:19

The 'Can't Say No' star tells Capital it would have been just him partying with the bouncers had he gone to Sin City.

Conor Maynard has revealed why he neglected to shoot the music video for his latest single in Las Vegas – despite the obvious location in the name of the track.

The teen star told Capital FM that due to his age, the video wouldn't have been as enticing as it first appeared had he traveled to Sin City.

"We were a bit worried about that because we were thinking well we've got this song called 'Vegas Girl' – obviously we should shoot the video in Vegas," he admitted. "But then we were a bit like, I'm actually too young to go out in Vegas.

"So the video would consist of me partying with the bouncers outside the club like 'yeah, I can't get in'. And we thought that would be utterly ridiculous."

The Brighton-based star said revealed that they decided to change their minds and find a new treatment for the promo.

"So we thought we'd have to think of a way around it and obviously we came up with the whole in New York and the girls wearing a t-shirt that says Vegas girl – and that's how it all started.

You can view a picture of Conor in the video for 'Vegas Girl' below:

"I think the reason [behind] the whole song anyway is about saying you can be anywhere in the world but still party like you're in Vegas."

The track will feature on Conor's upcoming debut studio album 'Contrast' which is released on 30th July.

You can listen to Conor Maynard talking to Capital FM's James Barr about his music video below: 

Conor Maynard talks to Capital about his 'Vegas Girl' music video

The 'Can't Say No' star's album will also feature collaborations with the likes of Rita Ora and Ne-Yo.