Conor Maynard's Back With His New Song ‘Talking About' And Tells Us Why He's Been Away

2 March 2015, 11:55 | Updated: 2 March 2015, 12:07

Conor Maynard - Talking About - Official Video


Actual Craig David makes a cameo in the music video and everything – could this be Conor’s best single yet?

It’s been a long old while since Conor Maynard has released new music, and to be honest, we’ve really missed this cheeky lil’ chap!

Conor’s back with his new track ‘Talking About’, which sees him take on a much more dance-based edge – and we reckon it’s the best track from Conor to date.

This totally new sound from Mr Maynard is definitely going to be a dancefloor filler for the summer – and the sun-drenched video shot in Miami even features a cheeky cameo from Craig David.

Yep, the muscled one pops up in the video to give Conor a lift in his swanky white sports car before the party together – random or what? (Or not, as Craig David co-wrote the track!)

‘Talking About’ is the first cut from Conor’s forthcoming second album, which already promises to be a totally new sound to anything we’ve heard from him before.


He told us about how the single and working with Craig David came about, and why he was away for so long. Conor revealed, "I didn't want to fall into that place where you're kind of almost releasing music relentlessly almost to kind of try and stay relevant at all times. I really wanted to kind of step back and have a moment to really figure out exactly where I wanted to go with this abuja nd what I wanted to put across."

‘Talking About’ will be released on 19th April.

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