Coldplay Just Woke A Listener Up In The BEST Way Possible!

13 November 2015, 07:50

Imaging hitting the snooze button on your phone, only for it to ring and ACTUAL Chris Martin serenades you awake!

We know that it's getting harder and harder to wake up on a morning - especially as it's not getting light until lunchtime.

So we had a thought - why not use our access to the world's biggest hit music stars to do some good?

That's where the Capital Breakfast Wake-Up Call Comes in!

Dave Berry & Lisa Snowdon made Capital listener Fiona's morning this week, when they got her idol Chris Martin to give her a special wake-up call!

Armed with a CLASSIC Bontempi keyboard, the Coldplay frontman serenaded her awake with a special impromptu medley!

Luckily for us, after Chris' chat with Fiona, we kept the camera rolling and managed to catch Chris having a pop at Justin Bieber's EPIC hit 'What Do You Mean' - don't believe us? Hit play on the video above and prepare to fall in love!

Catch more from Dave Berry & Lisa Snowdon every Saturday from 6am.

Coldplay recently added THEMSELVES to our Jingle Ball Ball with Coca-Cola line-up. Tickets sold out in record time, but you can still win your way in!

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