Coldplay's Chris Martin Kicks Out Intruder From His Garden

29 December 2011, 11:50 | Updated: 29 December 2011, 11:57

The 'Paradise' singer was forced to confront a drunken fan who was singing his band's songs on his private London property.

Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin has revealed that he had to confront and eject a fan who had climbed into his garden and started singing his songs.

The 'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall' singer explained that he had to step in after the intruder got to his third song rendition.

Chris told the Daily Mirror: "I had a guy the other day who climbed over the gate of our house and started singing Coldplay songs to his friends on the street.

"I could hear him from the house. He was under the influence of quite a few beverages but I had to step in after three or four songs and say 'Listen, you are not doing that right'."

After the confrontation the trespasser politely left and the 'Charlie Brown' singer revealed that he was in some way humbled by the incident.

"Still, it’s nice that people like our songs," he added.

Meanwhile, Coldplay recently filmed the music video for their forthcoming new single 'Charlie Brown' and recruited a group of topless girls to feature in the promo