Christina Aguilera Says Adele Is Her "Secret Weight Mentor"?

26 October 2012, 13:15 | Updated: 26 October 2012, 13:23

The 'Your Body' singer is reportedly one of the '21' star's "very few Hollywood friends".

Christina Aguilera has apparently been seeking inspiration from Adele as she continues to take criticism over her weight gain.

The US star has spoken openly about her image, recently admitting her latest look represents a celebration of her new side.

It has now been reported by the National Enquirer, that the 'Dirrty' star considers Adele to be her "secret weight mentor".

A source told the publication: "[She] found inspiration in full-figured Adele's raging success despite the British songbird's adamant refusal to jump on the diet bandwagon."

The pair are also said to have struck up a strong friendship with the insider stating Christina is "one of Adele's very few Hollywood friends." 

You can view a picture of Christina with her new red hair below:

Adele's appearance at this year's Grammy Awards 2012 was also highlighted as an inspirational moment.

"After seeing how polished Adele was at the Grammys despite her plump figure, Christina reached out to her," continued the source.