Chris Brown Wants To Help Out And "Bring Peace To The World"

6 November 2012, 13:52 | Updated: 6 November 2012, 14:12

The 'Don't Judge Me' singer says he has accomplished almost everything in music that he can.

Chris Brown says one of his aims in life is to "bring peace to the world", as he feels he has accomplished everything he wanted to in music.

The 'Don't Wake Me Up' singer says he wants to give something back to the world, and wanted everyone to know that he is "100 percent" dedicated when he sets his mind to a task.

"I think, that I'm 100 percent dedicated in everything that I do," Chris revealed to E! News, when asked what the one thing he wants people to know about him is. "I want to embody everything that's positive.

"I've accomplished all that I need to accomplish all I need to accomplish in my life as far as me being able to say I can successfully sing," he explained. "I can dance onstage with the greatest.

"At the end of the day, when I need to be great is when people can say I've helped out the world," he adde.d "it first starts here, helping myself, but what I want to do is bring peace to the world. Not to sound all Teen USA!"

Check out a picture of Chris Brown on the set of his recent music video below:

Earlier today it was confirmed that Chris Brown has teamed up with ex-girlfriend Rihanna on a song called 'Nobodies Business' from her brand new album 'Unapologetic'.

It was recently confirmed that Chris Brown has teamed up with a new charity organisation called Symphonic Love which aims to offer grants to teenagers to educate them about the arts.