Chris Brown in Rihanna rage

Chris Brown has trashed his dressing room after being asked about his attack on Rihanna on US TV.

He was on the ABC morning show Good Morning America to promote his new album, F.A.M.E.

During his interview co-host Robin Roberts asked him about the 2009 attack.

Robin asked: "What's going on now is that recently, the restraining order against you that Rihanna had issued has been relaxed ... have you seen each other, been around each other [at events?]."

An agitated Brown deflected the questions saying he was past that in his life, "I mean not really, it's not really a big deal, that situation, I think I'm past that in my life, and I think today's the album day so that's what I'm focused on, so everyone go and get that album.

"I've been focused on this album ... definitely this album is what I want them to talk about, and not the kind of stuff that happened two years ago."

The 21-year-old singer -was sentenced to five years probation and six months of community service for assaulting his then-girlfriend in February 2009.