Simon Cowell Says Cheryl Cole Is "The Most Beautiful Woman" He Has Ever Seen

9 April 2013, 09:16

The 'Under The Sun' singer has been hailed as "genuinely stunning" by the Syco boss.

Simon Cowell has described Cheryl Cole as "one of the most beautiful women" he has ever seen, while discussing what made him sign the UK star to The X Factor UK back in 2008.

The music mogul revealed that everyone on the set of the ITV show was "madly in love" with the 'Call My Name' singer, while opening up about his relationship with Cheryl.

"I think my entire production staff - including a lot of gay people - were madly in love with Cheryl," Simon told Radio Times this week. "I mean, literally, when she walked on set on the first day in the UK I thought she was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life.

"I mean, genuinely," Simon explained. "She was just absolutely stunning.

"She still is, but I remember that day vividly, as in, 'God, you are gorgeous'," he added.

Cheryl was spotted arriving in New York City this past month with Tre, as seen below (Credit: INF):

The 'Under The Sun' star is widely rumoured to be planning a break from the spotlight for the next few months, after Sarah Harding confirmed Cheryl plans to move out to Los Angeles with her dancer boyfriend Tre Holloway.

Girls Aloud announced their split at the end of March, after completing their 'Ten' reunion tour across the UK.