Cheryl Cole "Sang Loudly" Through The Pain Of Her New Rose Back Tattoo

6 September 2013, 09:36

The 'Under The Sun' singer is said to have sang to help herself cope with the pain of the design.

Cheryl Cole reportedly sang "at the top of her voice" throughout the 55 hours of tattooing sessions she endured for her latest design.

According to a source at the Black Anchor Collective studio in Hesperia, California claims the 'Call My Name' singer had to sing loudly to help cope with the pain of having the large tattoo done.

Cheryl unveiled the full tattoo two weeks ago after the 55 hours worth of sessions it took to complete the design, of several large red roses across her lower back and bottom.

"Cheryl sang at the top of her voice through her tattoo to dull the pain," a source from the tattoo studio revealed to OMG! this week. "She had a good nights' sleep before each session and didn't drink to numb the pain, but she did sing, quite loudly, to help her cope.

"She was singing her heart out, if someone had recorded it they could have made a fortune from the session!" they joked, before confirming the design cost around £14,000 all in all.

Check out a picture of Cheryl's latest tattoo below (Credit: Instagram):

Cheryl Cole has since claimed she is "done" with tattoos after finishing the large rose design.