Cheryl Cole Regrets Ashley Divorce

The Girls Aloud star questions her decision to split with the Chelsea player.

Cheryl Cole divorced Ashley last year following repeated claims he'd been unfaithful, but news that the couple are back together doesn’t come as a surprise to Chezza's mates.

"She knew deep down that she and Ashley would get back together and it might have been less trouble if they'd just keep their heads down and stuck it out," a source told Heat magazine.

"It hurts like hell, but she knows what it's like to be with a footballer.

"There are always what she calls 'leeches', ready to attack."

During the recent cheating scandals, Ashley is reported to have told Cheryl he did nothing wrong as he was "single."

"'Remember, I was a single man,'" the source says Ash told Cheryl ."'I've been hanging about waiting for you and have been free to do as I wanted.'"

Ashley is said to be continuing to pursue the 'Parachute' singer and is appealing to her charitable nature  by arranging a charity football match in aid of the Cheryl Cole Foundation, a charity supporting disadvantaged teens.