Cheryl Cole Shows Off New Hair

'Promise This' star Cheryl Cole posts a photo of her new hair look as she gets dressed up for a night out.

After debuting shorter blonde hair just before her birthday party this summer, the singer has revealed yet another new 'do.

Cheryl's latest look is a 60s style beehive which she wore for the launch of the new Cheryl Cole shoe collection, when she also popped on some killer heels.

"It's shoe time.. Haha ;-)," Cheryl said on her official Twitter when she posted the picture. Then just three hours later said:

"Girls.. Don't you just love taking your foot out of a heel and into your slippers.. The best!

"Feels like my feet are having a cuddle.. X."

At The X Factor launch in the US Cheryl Cole was dissed for her bouffant Barbarella hair, but what do you think to this new style?

Check out the photo and leave your comments below...

Cheryl Cole September 2011