Cheryl Showed Off Her Amazing Post-Baby Bod But All Eyes Were On Her 'Engagement' Ring

9 February 2018, 10:40

Cheryl Engaged

The rumours that Liam & Cheryl are engaged intensified after her appearance at a Prince's Trust event recently!

With Cheryl's new music seemingly just around the corner, the Geordie star was spotted out and about at a Prince's Trust event recently, but it wasn't new music that got everyone talking - it was the big, sparkly rock on her engagement finger!

It appeared that Cheryl was wearing one hefty old engagement ring and she was in a very smiley mood as she showed off her incredible post-baby bod whilst being pictured greeting Prince Charles at the event.

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But sadly for us all it appears that there isn't any truth to the engagement rumours that have begun to swirl once more as a source close to Cheryl confirmed to one tabloid that the ring was "just costume jewellery" and not an engagement gift from Liam Payne.

Cheryl At Prince's Trust Event 2018
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It wasn't the first time that Cheryl has been spotted wearing a sizeable diamond ring on her wedding finger and each and every time we get excited, but so far Liam and Cheryl are yet to make any kind of engagement announcement.

Cheryl was previously spotted wearing a ring on her wedding finger while out and about in Paris, and a source said that it was a "pre-engagement promise ring". 

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At the time, a source told Heat magazine, "Liam gave her a ring. It's exactly the kind of simple design Cheryl would want. It's not an engagement ring but when they do take that step, it would be her perfect under-the-radar proposal. She's not materialistic any more, her blingy WAG days are over."

The rumours around the couple seem to be never ending - back as far as October 2016 rumours surfaced that Liam had bought their engagement and wedding rings! 

A source told Now at the time, "He bought the rings weeks ago. He's old fashioned and wants any baby to have a mum and a dad who are married. She's determined to make a statement this time around and has her heart set on a beach wedding or a private island.

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"[Liam's] been having nightmares about being jilted at the alter or Cheryl getting bored of him. That's one reason why Liam is throwing so much money on the relationship He's spent as much on a house and the wedding is going to be something to behold.

"Pharrell Williams and are on the guest list, it's hard to imagine the wedding being anything other than the party of the century." 

And back even further in June 2016, Liam invested in a ruby and diamond ring... based on Cheryl's bum tattoo! According to the Daily Star's sources, Liam splashed out on a ring with a black diamond in a bed of rubies for Cheryl's 33rd birthday and the design of the ring was based on the roses she's got tattooed on her bum. 

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The fact that Liam bought Cheryl a HUGE diamond ring fuelled the rumours that he might be getting down on one knee to propose and it sounded like his family would be totally on board with his choice of fiancee. 

After Cheryl joined her man at his sister, Ruth’s wedding in 2016, she won over his family at the event – but really, how could you NOT love Cheryl?!

A source told Reveal that Liam’s parents, Karen and Geoff, were initially worried that the relationship wouldn’t last, but after meeting Cheryl they’re very happy with their son’s lady.

Cheryl Liam Payne Instagram Profile Photo
Pic: Instagram

The source explained, “Cheryl has completely won them over, and now they're both convinced she could be The One that Liam could finally settle down with."

Liam’s sister even joked to Liam on her wedding day, “You’ll be next” and the source added that Liam’s mum would be pretty pleased if that happened, “Karen is now convinced Cheryl is the perfect candidate to be Liam's wife." 

In fact, Cheryl was more than willing to lend a hand on the day, making guests cups of tea and running errands for the bride – cute!

Could a Payne wedding be on the cards? We certainly hope so – imagine how amazing the pair of them would look and how cute Baby Bear would be too!

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