Cheryl Confesses JB Didn’t Like Her Music Before ‘Only Human’ Album! Awk!

17 November 2014, 16:00 | Updated: 1 December 2014, 10:50

Uh Oh! Cheryl admits that her husband, Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini, didn’t like her music before this album!

When Cheryl came in to Capital, we had to ask her the important questions, such as whether she likes social media, her tour plans and whether her husband likes her music!

Cheryl confessed that Jean-Bernard hadn’t liked her previous musical offerings – that could be a bit awk! 

Cheryl told us, “Apparenlty [he never liked my music] before this album. That’s the news I got, the feedback I got! Never before this album did he like anything I’ve done.”

But does Cheryl get upset about it? Nope, the ‘I Don’t Care’ singer really doesn’t care – she said “It’s not my problem!”

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