Cheryl & Ashley - Friends?

Cheryl Cole's admitted she'd still like to be friends with her ex Ashley.

The X-Factor judge broke down several times during a very personal TV interview on Piers Morgan: Life Stories.

She spoke about her recent divorce to the footballer, saying she was a "heartbroken girl" following allegations he'd had several affairs. But she's not intending to remove her "Mrs C" tattoo dedicated to her ex-husband Ashley Cole.

Cheryl told The Guardian "I'm not ashamed of anything. I've got nothing to rub away...I don't feel sentimental about the name. If I went back to being Cheryl Tweedy I'd be...I'm not ashamed of my marriage, it's a period in my life. And I am Cheryl Cole. That's how I feel."

Cheryl ended the week on a high as her new single "Promise This" went straight in at No 1 on The Big Top 40.