Eight Revelations From Cheryl Cole's Access All Areas Documentary

21 November 2012, 12:14 | Updated: 21 November 2012, 12:58

Capital rounds up all the best bits, including Tre Holloway and the 'Call My Name' star's infamous swandive.

Cheryl Cole has given her fans a unique look at her life in a new access all areas documentary, which aired on ITV2 last night (20th November).

The film marked the first time the Girls Aloud star had embarked on a solo UK arena tour and followed her as she played venues around the UK, including London's O2 Arena.

It also gave fans the chance to see Cheryl backstage with boyfriend Tre Holloway, who is also one of the star's dancers.

To celebrate this piece of essential Cheryl fan viewing, Capital has rounded up some of the biggest revelations from the film – check them out now.

1. Cheryl Acts Like A Ninja To Avoid The Paparazzi

cheyrl cole documentary

In the first half of the documentary, Cheryl showed us just how difficult it is to escape the paparazzi in style when she's spotted running into an airport in heels. "I outrun the paps in six inch heels. Now I do anything to avoid them."

2. Cheryl Suffered From Anxiety About Her Tour

cheryl cole getting her make-up done

Candidly, the 'Call My Name' star admitted that she suffered from anxiety during her preparations for the tour because she didn't want to let anyone down. "You feel really venerable when you're doing something big so big for the first time," she said of her arena tour.

3. Cheryl Loves Her Family

Cheryl is a big family girl at heart. In the documentary she's seen throwing a birthday party for her brother, before getting a visit from her nephews later in the film. "I love having people around that feel familiar," she said. "Everybody has the same goal, which is for this to be as successful as it can possibly be."

4. Cheryl Is Properly In Love With Tre Holloway

cheryl cole on a scooter

From the intimate scenes of them on stage together to riding around the backstage area at the O2 on a moped, the documentary showed that Cheryl and her backing dancer Tre really love each other. "To have that relationship is rare," Cheryl said. "To be able to have that with you and share those moments is pretty special actually."

5. Cheryl Was Really Upset When Tre Damaged His Knee During The Final Rehearsal

tre holloway hospital

Like every concerned girlfriend, Cheryl was gutted when Tre injured his knee before the opening night of the tour in Belfast. "He's nervous, it's his life, it's his livelihood. It's like me losing my voice - what would I do?" Fortunately, her man was able to join her on stage later in the jaunt.

6. Cheryl Is Really Scared Of Swandiving

Cheryl Cole swandiving

Although she does it with ease, it was really clear that Cheryl doesn't actually like swandiving that much. See picture above.

7. Cheryl Is A Real Geordie At Heart

If you've ever doubted Cheryl's love for Newcastle, then watch this documentary. The star was shown dissolving on stage during the final gig of the tour in her hometown because it meant so much.

8. Cheryl Has A Special Relationship With Will.i.am

It was hard not to notice how important Will.i.am is to Cheryl - the pair were seen gossiping backstage throughout the last half of the access all areas documentary before Will joined her own '3 Words'.