"The Album Is Not Perfect" - Charlie Puth Drops Some Bad News About His Upcoming Album, 'Voicenotes'

4 January 2018, 10:01

Charlie Puth Postpones 'Voicenotes' Album Asset

(Don't worry - he has some good news for you too!)

'Nine Track Mind' was dope. Let's face it - it had banger after banger on it, so when we found out that Charlie was making a follow-up album using recordings from his phone, we hadn't squealed harder than that in a long time.

But the squealing stopped after we saw Charlie's posts on Twitter...

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Charlie Puth Summertime Ball 2017

The 'Attention' singer shared a message saying that he was going to postpone the release of his second album, 'Voicenotes', as he is producing the album himself, and "with that comes a lot of work, and in my opinion, the album is not perfect yet".

He did, however, confirm that 'Voicenotes' will be released in 2018. It's not all doom and gloom, though - Charlie said he's going to release a song he did with Boys II Men, and that it was probably one of his favourite songs he's ever written.

> As Soon As We Find Out When 'Voicenotes' Drops, We'll Tell You, Over On Our App!

And now we've got some good news - have you heard which A-lister Charlie Puth was caught dating? He let it slip!