Charlie Puth’s Message For 2018 Proves All Your Dreams Really Can Come True With Hard Work

2 January 2018, 14:39

Charlie Puth

He’s living the dream life right now.

Becoming a chart topping superstar might seem like an impossible dream for most of us, but Charlie Puth has proved it’s possible – and his reflection on the New Year is inspiring.

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Charlie posted an emotional message to his fans about how much his life has changed in the past four years, writing, “Not to be super cheesy... but I just stood outside in the street of my neighborhood for five minutes thinking about how in 2014 I wanted everything I have right now in 2018.

“Blah blah blah don’t give up on your dreams but seriously it’s good advice.”

Since he had a global hit with ‘See You Again’, Charlie’s music career has gone from strength to strength as he’s racked up hit singles and released his debut album with his second one on the way this year.

If that’s not inspiration to work towards making your dreams come true in 2018, we don’t know what is! 

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