Fans Confused As Charlie Puth's Dramatic New Look Is Exactly What He Promised To Never Do Again

5 September 2019, 12:08

Charlie Puth swore he'd never go back to his brand new hairstyle
Charlie Puth swore he'd never go back to his brand new hairstyle. Picture: PA/Instagram @charlieputh

Charlie Puth is releasing new music, and to mark the occasion, or 'new era', he's sporting a dramatic new look he's previously slated.

Charlie Puth is officially in his 'new era' and gearing up for the release of his third album, shaving and bleaching his hair to mark the occasion, despite saying he'd *never* dye it again and sending fans into meltdown over the whole thing.

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Having already released the first single from the upcoming record, 'I Warned Myself' in August, he's gearing up to drop 'Mother' and eventually the entire album, which he's yet to tell us the title and release date of, (what a tease).

He cropped up on Instagram sporting the new bleached do' whilst playing a song at his piano, and posting a selfie video of his bright new look, with people flooding his comments quoting the time he said he wouldn't dye his hair again, writing, "I thought you weren’t going to do anything to your hair anymore?" and one even saying 'lemon head is back'.

Fans can't believe Charlie went back to his blonde hair
Fans can't believe Charlie went back to his blonde hair. Picture: Instagram @charlieputh

The star has previously bleached his barnet back in summer of 2018, although it was much longer back then- this time the 'How Long' singer has gone 'full slim shady' in the words of his fans, and we're NGL, we kind of dig it?

Opinion is split pretty evenly, with a fan poll coming out dead 50/50 over the look, but as ever, some people had some pretty savage stuff to say, which he hope Mr. Puth doesn't see, with one hilariously writing, "unpopular opinion: i don't wanna go to a Charlie Puth's concert while he has short blonde hair."

We're here for Charlie switching it up for his latest era, and we think this fan sums up our favourite blonde hypocrite the best...

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