Cee Lo Green may need UK pad

Cee Lo Green was well wrapped up before delivering a stunning performance at the 2011 Summertime Ball.

But while Cee Lo may have looked cold he says it was red hot on stage, "It was very, very electric,..it was awesome. I've only been in town for a couple of hours, I just landed and rode into that embrace. It so special to me for the success I am having and the fans I have"

We might be seeing plenty of more Cee-Lo in the coming months. The star is heavily involved in a reality show called 'The Voice' and it could be coming our way. "It originated in Holland, I am doing very well with the show in America, and it's true I've been asked to bring it here. It's such a special show, organic, honest and innocent show and people are judged by raw talent alone. I don't if I'll be able to move here but I may have to have a place of mine own here"

Cee-Lo, like many others on today's line up also declared his love for Britain's hottest young talent, "I love Jessie J...and I've been enquiring...the next big thing....much success to her."