WATCH: Cardi B Deletes Instagram After Calling Out Haters Discrediting Her GRAMMY Win In Swear-Filled Rant

12 February 2019, 12:14

After winning the GRAMMY for Best Rap Album, Cardi B called out the haters who were slamming her win, and has since deleted her Instagram account.

Cardi B won the GRAMMY for Best Rap Album, for her debut studio album, 'Invasion of Privacy', and followed a lot of criticism, after many believed Mac Miller was snubbed, including Ariana Grande.

The 'I Like It' rapper since deleted her Instagram account, following the abusive comments she was receiving, after posting a swear-filled message.

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Cardi B attended the GRAMMYs with Offset
Cardi B attended the GRAMMYs with Offset. Picture: Getty

Speaking to the haters who believed she wasn't deserving of the award, Cardi B - whose real name is Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar - said "It's not my style for people to put other people down to uplift somebody else; that's not my style and that's not what I'm with and I don't support that.

"However, I been taking a lot of s*** today. I'm seeing a lot of bulls*** today and I saw a lot of s*** last night. And I'm sick of this s***. I worked hard for my motherf***ing album," continued the 26-year-old.

Cardi B later explained that she recorded her album whilst pregnant, and questioned why people were upset at how she was "snubbed" by the GRAMMYs last year, but "now this year's a f***ing problem."

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She also went on to share the accolades her GRAMMY-winning album, 'Invasion of Privacy', received, including going two-time platinum.