Camila Cabello Told Shawn Mendes He Was 'Too Late' When He Confessed His Feelings To Her

10 December 2019, 11:46

Shawn Mendes was 'too late' when he told Camila Cabello how he felt
Shawn Mendes was 'too late' when he told Camila Cabello how he felt. Picture: Getty Images/ Twitter

Camila Cabello's revealed she and Shawn Mendes were in very different places when they confessed their feelings to each other, and the two could have easily not ended up together...

Camila Cabello is out here spilling all the tea about how her and Shawn Mendes's relationship blossomed from a friendship over many years, and it's seriously quite the love story which could have never happened.

Shawn Mendes Reveals The Universe's 'Sign' That Led Him To Tell Camila Cabello How He Felt

The singer has been discussing about her second album, Romance, and explained the meaning behind 'Should've Said It', which is basically a tune venting her anger about Shawn waiting for such a long time to confess his feelings for his 'Señorita' partner.

Camila admits she had feelings for Shawn before he was ready (two years ago) but she had moved on by the time he was ready to let her know how he felt.

She says in the clip: "I had liked him, but he wasn't ready. And so then he liked me, but I was not really there to like him in that way anymore, because I moved on."

"Like, ‘now you're saying that you're in love with me, you waited so long and now it's too late’."

It's honestly made us grateful these two actually ended up working, because it sounds like they nearly ended up missing the boat with one another!

Now the pair are official, with everyone seeing their love blossom over the summer, they are opening up more about how they got together- with Shawn telling fans that he had just decided to keep his feelings to himself when 'the universe sent him a sign' in the form of driving past 'Camila Street'.

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