Camila Cabello's 21st Birthday Pyjama Party Proves She's Still Humble AF

6 March 2018, 14:40

The singer is officially our spirit animal as she spends her big day surrounded by cake and balloons. Not a glass of champagne in sight…

Camila Cabello has just turned 21, and what better way to mark the occasion than refusing to leave your pyjamas and buried under a mountain of balloons with a three-tiered birthday cake?

Answer: There is no better way.

Oh and of course, it isn't a bday party unless your parents unashamedly snap pictures of you whilst serenading you (to the best of their abilities). 

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The ‘Havana’ singer has achieved a ridiculous amount for a 21-year-old, but instead of partying in traditional showbiz style with a string of lavish parties and holidays, Camila opted for the lowest of low-key celebrations with her family.

She took to Twitter to show the world her ‘extra’ parents, posting an adorable video of them singing their hearts out and proving they’re her #1 fans. Listen to mumma Cabello go!

Camila captioned the post: ''21 thank you so much for your birthday wishes, I love you guys so much (that’s my parents singing and being extra lol).''

People on Twitter couldn’t handle the cuteness:

With her hectic schedule we aren’t surprised Camila wanted some chill time and opted to not spend her big day Crying in the Club. Last week she scooped up the award for Best Female at the Global Awards and teased fans with artwork for her upcoming album, self-titled ‘Camila’ and we. Can. Not. Wait. 

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