BTS’ TikTok Bio Contains Translation Blunder And The ARMY Is Making A New Fan Base Out Of It

11 March 2020, 16:28

BTS' TikTok profile contains a translation error
BTS' TikTok profile contains a translation error. Picture: Getty / Twitter

BTS’ TikTok profile description translates to ‘the official carbon dioxide’.

BTS fans don’t miss a thing when it comes to the South Korean singers’ social media profiles, so when some of the ARMY noticed their TikTok account – where they have over 8.5 million followers – holds an incorrect translation they took it onto their own hands.

One fan who noticed the error shared a screenshot of the bio on Twitter translated into English, where it reads: “It is the official tick toik [sic] of the carbon dioxide carbon dioxide. This is the official TikTok for BTS.”

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And in loyal BTS ARMY fashion, fans naturally decided to roll with the error and turn it into a branch of the BTS fandom.

BTS' TikTok profile translates to 'carbon dioxide'
BTS' TikTok profile translates to 'carbon dioxide'. Picture: TikTok

“Follow carbon dioxide pls,” one person joked, as someone else declared: “I Stan 2CO2.”

Another accurately pointed out: “If they are carbon dioxide then we are plants. We can’t live without them.”

“BTS who? All I know is Carbon Dioxide.”

BTS’ TikTok account isn’t the only reason they’ve been trending lately, after news their next documentary is underway surfaced online.

The boys have another docu-series in the works called ‘Break The Silence’ and fans can’t wait for all the new content showing the boys' daily lives.

Just months after Jin, Jungkook, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga RM and V starred in the 2019 'Bring The Soul' series that chronicled their journey through the 'Love Yourself' world tour, fans have spotted they've registered the filming of a brand new one.

The boys are well known to be some of the hardest working stars in the industry and before the 2019 doc-series came their 2018 documentary, Burn the Stage: The Movie, so they're no stranger to opening their life up on film – and the ARMY couldn't be happier they're showing no signs of slowing down.

Apparently the same director used for their previous documentaries, Jun-Soo Park, is being enlisted again, and fans are now hoping for a deeper insight into the boys' lives from their own perspective.

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