WATCH: BTS & Dua Lipa Perform From Home For James Corden's 'Home Fest'

31 March 2020, 11:19

BTS Perform 'Boy With Luv' & Message To Fans on 'Late Late Show's Homefest Special

BTS and Dua Lipa performed numbers on 'The Late Late Show' with James Corden as part of their 'HomeFest' where huge names dialled in from home to help raise money for charity.

BTS and Dua Lipa dropped by James Corden's computer to perform on The Late Late Show's 'HomeFest', and it was so cool for fans to see artists perform from the comfort of their own homes, without all the glitz and glam of the studio!

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Dua Lipa Performs 'Don't Start Now' from home

V, Jungkook, Suga, RM, J-Hope, Jimin and Jin performed 'Boy With Luv' in a rehearsal studio back in Seoul, South Korea, wearing some seriously comfy clothes including trackies and even slippers (see V!) giving a stripped back rendition of their hit, and needless to say, fans loved it!

There were a whole lot of comments in favour of Jungkook, who wore a black ensemble and some seriously tight skinny jeans, with many not realising just how long his legs are!

One commented, "Jungkook is literally 90% legs at this point" and another joked he might not have got the casual dress code memo.

BTS fans are shook about Jungkook's legs
BTS fans are shook about Jungkook's legs. Picture: YouTube The Late Late Show

The boys also delivered a sweet message about everyone getting through this tough time which we know their millions of fans around the world will be grateful to hear.

"It's quite a difficult time for everyone in the world right now...It may seem like we're isolated but we're still connected through our shared experiences, courage and laughter."

Dua had a pretty elevated house party set up, with her singing down the camera, her full band all in separate chat windows, and half way through- out popped her dancers!

10/10 on production value, Dua!

Dua Lipa & BTS perform from home on The Late Late Show
Dua Lipa & BTS perform from home on The Late Late Show. Picture: The Late Late Show/ James Corden

Billie Eilish performed 'everything i wanted' with brother Finneas on the piano, which, obviously, was an incredible performance, Will Ferrell provided some much needed comedy and he even got illusionist David Blaine to drop by!

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