Bruno Mars: two hours to pen Forget You

Bruno Mars has said that it only took 'one or two hours' to write 'Forget You'.

Speaking exclusively to us, he revealed that he had a lot of fun collaborating with Cee-Lo Green on the track.

'That track would not have happened if Cee-Lo was not in the room,' he revealed.

'I was a big fan of Cee-Lo and wanted to work with him for a long time. He was on Travie (McCoy)'s album, which I produced, he's on my album.

'We became so comfortable that everytime we were in the studio (together) it was like 'The Comedy Store', we'd just be laughing, writing songs.

'We were just jamming. I was on piano and kept on repeating '**** you'. Within an hour or two we'd written the whole song with us going back and forth.'

He then joked: 'I should have kept the damn song!'