#ManCrushMonday - Olly Murs Vs Bruno Mars

9 March 2015, 07:00

ManCrushMonday Bruno Mars and Olly

They both cheeky pop hotties, but who out of Olly Murs or Bruno Mars floats your boat? We look at the evidence...

Phew, this weeks #MCM is one heck of a hard decision - it's Mars vs Murs! We have pitted Olly Murs against Bruno Mars in the latest instalment of Mancrush Monday to see who YOU think is the ultimate hotty. 

Let's take a look at why each of these snake-hipped lads should take this week's crown… 

Olly Murs 

He's the cheeky Essex chap that won our hearts way back when, the first time we ever clapped eyes on that cheeky smile as he auditioned for the X Factor. Since those early days, his hip thrusting dance moves have had thousands of womens hearts aflutter - and his voice is enough to make you melt. Check out his best photos to help you make up your mind… 


Bruno Mars 

He's the pint-sized pop prince you could carry around in your pocket - but he's not all sweetness and light. With some super sexy tracks under his belt - have you HEARD 'Gorilla'?! - Bruno's definitely got a bad boy edge. As well as looking blooming gorgeous, Mr Mars also has the moves to kill for - but don't take our word for it, check out the evidence why he should be your #MCM… 


Yeah, we definitely don't envy you having to make this choice! Let us know your pick below: 


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